Comment Policies

We highly encourage comments and feedback you’d like to provide to us, as well as other communications regarding our blog, horses, sales, etc. We love to hear from other people to gather new ideas and observations from all sorts of different perspectives – each new perspective is like another “arrow” in our quiver of knowledge. Hearing from also you gives us the best chance at continuing to give you what you want to read!

That being said – please note that we do have some policies regarding communications.

By posting comments on our blog, you hereby agree to the following terms:

  • Questions, positive feedback, or mere reflections on the related article are more than welcome in our comment section. However, please try to make comments that add value to the conversation. This will keep things interesting to read and will give us much more to reflect on.
  • Please keep negative feedback out of the comments section – if you have this type of feedback, concerns or something you’d like to address with us, please do so privately by email or Facebook private messaging. Keep in mind that other readers do not necessarily want to read heated or disrespectful arguments in the comments section.
  • Debating is welcome – however, please keep any debates respectful. Arguments that get disrespectful or otherwise out of hand will be deleted.
  • We reserve the right to delete your comments. If we decide that a comment may begin a heated argument or is disrespectful to us, other readers, or anyone else, we will delete your comments. We will also delete spam messages or any other sort of advertising, as well as obscene, threatening, discriminatory and/or irrelevant comments.
  • Keep your content relevant – please do not include comments or links that will lead a conversation off-topic. Such comments will be subject to deletion.
  • Be respectful of the blogger, other readers and other comments. Our goal is to build an interest group that gets along well, even in debates. This cannot be achieved without respect between all parties involved.
  • We do not own the content of your comments and will not be held liable for something written by you (or other users) in the comments section.
  • You grant us permission to quote your comments in future posts. If you have something constructive or otherwise interesting to say, we may use your comments to build on for future content on our blog.
  • For your own protection, do not include personal information (ex. phone number, address, email address, etc.) in your comments that may put you or anyone else at risk.

It is our hope that these policies will help develop a respectful community, introduce valuable insights from many different views, and continue to be interesting to read and participate in discussions about our wonderful common interest – horses!


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