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Our new website is ready to go and our blog is moving! Instead of exclusively having a blog, we now have our full website up and running. Our blog page will be moving there, and this one will be discontinued. Any new posts will be posted to http://www.ledgeendacres.com/ledge-end-lore-blog/ .

Any email subscribers should be moved over in the next couple of days, so you should not need to re-subscribe – however PLEASE check back to make sure you aren’t missing any new posts!

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We’ve had our Facebook page up and running for a number of months now, and we’ve decided it’s time to give you, our readers/followers/clients etc., an inside look into our operations and lifestyle at Ledge End Acres.

2012-12-17 18.08.52

Our little farm is home to two dogs, four cats, and a big herd of horses! Caring for all these wonderful creatures is quite the feat, but is handled exceptionally well by my mother, Bev. Although she’s the full-time resident at Ledge End, I manage the digital end of things from my apartment on the west coast. Of course I love to help with the practical end of things too, on long weekends, and whenever else I can take myself away from my busy schedule.

We have raised Morgans for 12 years and bred them for 5; recently we’ve started introducing Andalusian blood into our program to begin our venture into Iberian Warmbloods. We take pride in starting our young horses off right using natural horsemanship techniques. Our babies are handled from day one, and develop such a trust in humans that when it comes time to train them, it is very natural for them to pick up what we ask of them. Our goal is to produce quality horses with good minds that love to interact with people, are patient and easygoing, and are willing and eager to learn.


(Photo credit: Tim Cardinal)

I’m introducing this blog so that you can see past the formal front of our websites and advertising – seeing the inside story of what we do at Ledge End is very important to us, so that you can see how much fun having horses should be! I’ll be posting about intriguing activities that we do with our horses, interesting “ah-ha!” moments we’ve had (or our horses have had!), and reviews of other articles regarding training and other horsey “stuff” in general. I really hope to show you some insight on our training theories and help you to see clearly into the horse’s psychology.

We highly encourage comments, feedback, or any other communication you’d like to provide to us. We have email and Facebook icons in the bottom right corner of our blog page, or you can visit the “Contact” section for our phone number and other contact info. Our full website is under construction and is coming soon!

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Thanks for reading – I’m looking forward to talking horses with you!