Ledge End Acres is a horse breeding operation in Salmon Arm, BC, with a focus on Andalusian and Morgan breeds. We have raised Morgans for 12 years and have bred them for 5; recently we have begun a journey into breeding Iberian Warmbloods, to create a perfect medley of personality, willingness, cleverness, and athleticism all in one.


(Photo credit: Tim Cardinal)

Our goal is to produce quality horses with good minds that love to interact with people, are patient and easygoing, and are willing and eager to learn new things. We have found that our Iberians have the naturally calm mind and the baroque style of the Andalusian, but retain the athleticism and cleverness that the Morgans have to offer. We believe we have found an excellent and desirable combination of features, which would suit anyone from the eventer to the trail rider.


Directly from the beginning, our young horses are started using natural horsemanship techniques. Our babies are handled from day one, and develop such a trust in humans that when it comes time to train them, it is very natural for them to pick up what we ask of them. For older horses, we practice patient leadership, with a firm, fair, and friendly nature to help them understand what is being asked of them. Our largest training goal is to create trusting partnerships between horses and people. We believe that by creating trusting bonds between horse and rider, a pair can achieve amazing things. We want to make the world a better place for horses.


My name is Carey, and I work on the digital aspect of Ledge End. I live on the West Coast in a small apartment with my two loving cats and my partner, Greg. I love horses and have been riding frequently since I got my first horse at age 11. I help my mother, Bev, out on the farm when I can on long weekends and any other time I can get away from the city. I’m hoping to make this blog an excellent source of news, interesting articles, and training methods, as well as a community where people can share their love of horses. Enjoy your reading!


(Photo credit: Tim Cardinal)


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